TECHNOLOGY:  We solely own the exclusive License Distribution rights for a NanoTechnology light "Printed LightSheets".  These rights are within the United States of America and Canada for the entertainment sector which include, but not limited to, All Movie theaters, Production/Distribution companies, PR and Advertising entities, Talent-Management companies, Outdoor/Commercial ad entities as well as any Type of Entertainment marketing entity. 

THEATRICAL DISTRIBUTION: We provide complete Theatrical Distribution at a Studio level.  Our Distribution model release program can be for a film booked in 1 screen or up to 5,000 screens.   All releases are at commercial studio level and run within USA and Canada (1st run theaters (ie. AMC, REGAL, Cinemark etc...)).  BOSCH can simply be a releasing arm (service deal) which include one or two specific services (media, Theatrical booking), or facilitate an entire theatrical release campaign (complete turn key) which includes the following: Theatrical Distribution, media/marketing Campaign position plan, In theater Media, TV media, outdoor media, viral and social marketing, movie premiere services (set up/facilities etc...), PR, Theater trailer placements, Feature booking/settling and collecting, international and domestic ancillary sales and fulfillment.  Because of our media buying power and positioning, we can theatrically release a motion picture for less than what is standard.

MEDIA:  We establish and own several media buy schedules utilizing strategic purchases of large "Up-Front" media buys. These schedules provide the access, resources and facilities to properly position our clients, their clients and/or strategic partners for substantial business.   Our relationships contribute to an est. 70% of all "up-front" media spend in Hollywood and 3% of the United States. 

EDITORIAL: We provide complete editing, sound mixing and mastering for movie trailers, teaser trailers, features, commercials and custom videos.  We can create a theatrical teaser prior to a movie being produced.  This provides the vision and emotional direction of the film before it is made.  It is a great resource to use for establishing talent, investors, awareness and pre-sales.

PRODUCTION SUPPORT & FINANCE: This program positions a movie for finance and distribution worldwide.