We provide complete Theatrical Distribution at a Studio level.  Our Distribution model release program can be for a film booked in one screen or up to 3,000 screens.   All releases are at standard commercial studio level within USA and Canada.

We are a private, technology, multimedia, theatrical distribution and finance conglomerate.  Our core business is supporting other businesses in the entertainment sector.  With our unique business model, we utilize an extremely powerful and effective positioning technique that supports our services needed to satisfy our clients specific media, distribution and finance needs.  

We keep most of our executives, strategic partners and the actual service of our business relationships confidential. This allows us to gain extremely powerful relationships that would politically not be possible.  These relationships allow us access, resources and facilities to properly position a win/win situation with our clients and/or strategic partners.  Our relationships are part of 70% of the up front media spend in America.  

Our objective and positioning are long term relationships.

Our success depends on our relationships as we provide products and services generating substantial stability, growth, success and business with our clients, strategic Partners and affiliates. 

A   T E C H N O L O G Y,  D I S T R I B U T I O N  &  M E D I A    C O N G L O M E R A T E